Sprint Financial Services Limited is a Kingston-based micro-finance institution (MFI) founded in 2011. The MFI specializes in loan products catering to Jamaicans island-wide and across all social strata, including university students, street vendors, corporate executives and business owners.

Sprint Financial also focuses on convenience through the use of technology to aid in the ease of application for loans, as well as their repayment. The company provides various methods of processing applications and transactions that don’t actually require the physical presence of clients. To this end, Sprint Financial has become a pioneer in personal and business financing through the expedient provision of innovative loan products that facilitate both business and recreational activities.

Since its inception, the MFI has been featured in the press on multiple occasions as it garnered numerous noteworthy accomplishments that include being first to market with unique loan products, such as

leisure loans, and formulating a hassle-free loan application process with use of technology application platform WhatsApp. Sprint Financial also boasts being the first and only MFI to offer factoring services to aid local entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Its most recent achievement, however, has the backing of the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology. Sprint Financial has completed the development of a groundbreaking mobile application platform that will facilitate a faster payment disbursement process via PayPal for local entities from international vendors. At Sprint Financial, our pride is in Jamaica, and as such, the company will continue to maintain a strong presence within the local micro-finance industry through its keen sense of innovation in the deployment of loan products while harnessing technology to break financial barriers for all Jamaicans.


Breaking financial barriers for all Jamaicans.


To provide funding for Jamaicans from all social strata especially through the use of modern and convenient technological innovations.


The policy of Sprint Financial Services is to provide convenient funding to meet our clients’ requirements in accordance with the highest possible standards of service.

Christopher Barrett


Christopher Paul Barrett founded Sprint Financial Services in 2011 after observing the great number of small business operators in Jamaica who were under-served by the banking industry. With entrepreneurs and persons from lower-income households being typically unable to access cash loans from big banks, Barrett decided to fill this void by entering the micro-finance sector and providing financial solutions that he believed would empower individuals and, ultimately, better the economy.

Barrett started out with a background in aviation before making the transition to entrepreneurship. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Flight Management from Florida Memorial College, and has served as a certified flight instructor for Florida’s ADF Airways and as a pilot in the capacity of first officer for Air Jamaica.

He later opened his first business Global Courier Services in 2002. The company, which capitalised on the emerging online shopping trend,

provided U.S. mailbox-delivery services for Jamaicans locally who desired making purchases at international stores but did not have access to a U.S. credit card, a U.S. mailing address or the means to have the package delivered to the island. Five years after its inception, Barrett would successfully steer the pioneering business to become the second-largest courier company of its kind in Jamaica.

Today, Barrett has made Sprint Financial Services a formidable force in the industry by offering a suite of loans catering to all individuals for all purposes while focusing on convenience. He is a member of the Jamaica Association Of Micro-finance (JAMFIN) and boasts being the first person in Jamaica to introduce recreational loans to the public and to institute remote application and repayment options in the industry.


The company is armed with three well-established executive board members, who combined carry over forty years of experience in the business industry.

Natalie St. Louis

Member title
Mrs. Natalie St. Louis is the Founder of Strategic Konnections & Management Service Limited, a company she incorporated in July 2016, to provide specialized strategic management services/direction/advice/ to leading corporate companies and SMEs both in Jamaica and Globally. Her company’s tag line is “Consider it done!” She is also the Strategic Corporate & Marketing Adviser/Consultant to Caribbean Assurance Brokers Limited, the leading Insurance Brokers in Jamaica, where she provides her expertise in assisting with increasing awareness of the company and building further equity in their brand.    She also played an instrumental role in assisting with spearheading the readiness and implementation of the company’s winning loyalty programme and the impactful accompanying strategic marketing campaigns.

Oliver Barrett

Member title
Oliver Barrett has served in the government defense industry for more than 22 years. He supplies national defense products to international governments and provides advisory services in his current position at the United States Southern Command in Miami, Florida. Prior to this, he served as a senior program manager where he oversaw a team of 12 in providing defense-related internet technology services. The Florida Memorial University alumnus has served in the U.S. Marines and the U.S. Navy, and has won numerous military awards during his tenures as a technical official and manager. Today, he uses his business expertise to aid in Sprint Financial Service’s business development.

Sara Stanford

Member title
Sara Stanford is the founder of Bliss Bridal Boutique, a successful local business specialising in bridal wear. It is the only company in its industry to have authorised dealerships with international designers as well as exclusive contacts with top hotel-resort chains such as Couples, Iberostsar and Secrets Resorts. The award-winning company has won the WeddingWire Vendor of the Year award for three consecutive years, is a nominee for the Caribbean Wedding Industry Awards, and has been featured in local publications the Jamaica Observer and Jamaica Gleaner on numerous occasions. Stanford has been a business owner for over 15 years and has served on the Sprint Financial Services board since the company’s inception.
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Secured Personal Loans are available to persons who are employed to a company for at least one year. The interest rate is 6%. Persons can borrow up to J$300,000.

Documents necessary for approval are: ID, TRN, recent proof of address, last three months pay slips, and collaterals to secure the loan (this can be motor vehicle, jewelry, appliances or electronics).



Microbiz Loans are available to persons who are operating their registered business for two years and over. The interest rate is 6%-8%.

Documents necessary for approval are: Business owner’s ID, TRN, recent proof of address, recent purchases or sales receipts/bank statements (optional), business registration certificate and collaterals (this can be motor vehicle, jewelry, appliances or electronics).

Why Wait?

Why Wait? is our latest loan product available for all business owners.

We pays your unpaid invoices in 24-48 hours, then we will wait to receive payment from your client so you don't have to.

Documents necessary for approval are: Business owner’s ID, TRN, recent proof of address, recent purchases or sales receipts/bank statements (optional), business registration certificate and collaterals (this can be motor vehicle, jewelry, appliances or electronics).


1. What are the requirements for your loan facility? Normally, these are your ID, TRN, Recent Proof of Address and Last three months proof of income for us to start your process right away.

2. What are the interest rates? Normally, between 7.6%-8% per month.

3. How long do our services take to process? Within 24-48 hours.

4. Are there any fees associated with a loan? Yes, there is a processing fee of 6% that will be deducted out of the loan amount after approval, as well G.C.T. There is also a site visit cost for one’s initial loan with the company.

5. How often do I have to make payment? Weekly or monthly, however, it depends on when you get paid. Also, if you have an unregistered business, then it is a must for you to make payment weekly. If you have a registered business, you have the choice of paying weekly or monthly.

6. Through which means do I pay? You may make payment through the bank or via Paymaster, located island-wide.

7. How much am I qualified for? After evaluating your documents, we will decide your specific loan terms.

8. Where is Sprint Financial Services located? Suite 3a, The Trade Centre Complex, 30-32 Red Hills Road, Kingston 10

9. Can I submit my documents via photos in email or WhatsApp? Yes, you may!

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By Clicking APPLY, I assert that the above information is true and agree to the terms of service.
N.B. For all loan products except the Unsecured Personal Loans, persons can receive up to J$300,000. A site visit may be required for persons who are using collaterals. Applicants located in some areas of Kingston and St. Catherine requiring a site visit will have to pay additional fees.
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Paymaster Jamaica Limited
Visit any Paymaster islandwide. Click here for a list of locations.
Bank Transfer

Pay via bank transfer. Our banking information is:

Name: Sprint Financial Services Bank: JMMB Bank (Jamaica) Limited Acct #: 000200152477 Bank Branch: Haughton Terrace Swift Code: CCMKJMKN

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"I thank Sprint Financial Services for my success. Before going to Sprint, business was very challenging because lending companies didn’t want to take the chance with me because of my age. Only one other company was willing to take a chance with me but their process is not as simple as Sprint. I’ve been with them for 3 years now, have had several loans and is enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. Thanks Again Sprint.
- Yvonne James
"I almost had to close my shop last year because we ran out off things to sell. I heard about Sprint Financial from a friend who she said they helped her with a loan when no one else would. I applied over 2 years ago and still use there services. They are very professional and understanding. I got the loan the next day and I did not even have to leave the shop, they came to me, it was so easy. I don’t know what I would have done if Sprint was not there when I needed help. I thank them so much.
- Lilly Brown
"I recently opened a small grocery store. The store struggled a lot. I had a wicked time trying to restock the shelves. I thought I would have to close down the shop. One day I saw an ad on Facebook for Sprint Financial. My good friend said I should try dem because she got through easy. I applied on Monday and had a check fi $80 thousand Tuesday morning. Nuff a mi friend use Sprint and me can see why.
- Keish Angus
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